Why does use 'script "BridgePlus"' simply not work in Mojave?

Feel like an idiot!
I have been living in El Capitan until now (for various reasons, refusing to waste time by “upgrading”). I have scripts that used ASObjC Runner for years. Now have to rewrite code to use BridgePlus instead. (A nightmare to convert the stuff since the commands/methods don’t match at all.) But the worst is that even exact copied instructions from https://macosxautomation.com/applescript/apps/BridgePlus.html simply will not work in my new installation of 10.14!

Such as:
use BridgePlus : script “BridgePlus”
open lib description

I get:
error “The bundle “BridgePlus” couldn’t be loaded.” number -4960 from framework “BridgePlus”

I switched back to boot on El Capitan, and there it worked as described!

I have named the folder “Script Libraries” exactly the same on the two systems!! (Using copy paste!) The code snippets are exactly the same!

Still, 10.14 no luck! That’s absurd!

Is there a way to somehow to reinstall only the AppleScript thing on my system (in case it somehow became broken)? Or what else could have gone wrong?


BridgePlus works fine under Mojave. The issue here is Script Editor, which doesn’t allow loading of external frameworks. The simple solution is to use Script Debugger to edit your scripts. The Lite version is free.

(You also can’t use it scripts run from Apple’s Scripts menu – but FastScripts is a better alternative anyway.)

Oh! Thanks for pointing that out!
Good to hear that it is not my new OS installation that got “fucked up”.

I am astonished though that Script Editor does not support the ASObjC stuff with frameworks, when it did that even in 10.11! When did Script Editor stop working for that? Is that intentional of Apple? For “security” reasons, or a bug, or simply a shortcoming?

I did actually search quite heavily on the issue I had. Found nothing. I am totally perplexed that there are not lots of threads on various forums that mention that you can’t use Apple’s own Script Editor if you want to use loaded frameworks, such as those in your BridgePlus!

I already use FastScripts since many years (payed), but Script Debugger was too expensive (there was no lite version) so I did not want to spend a lot on relatively small AS to be edited a few times a year. Long time ago I used Smile from Satimage.

Script Debugger is really nice though! A must for serious AS development!

The change was made in 10.14, as part of the general tightening of security.

Script Debugger is so much more than script editor.