Will an applescript be hampered by using "Fast User Switching"?

If I have an applescript set up to batch process several files, including some GUI level scripting (unfortunately), and I use “Fast User Switching” to switchi to a different user account on that computer, will the applescript have any problems with executing it while not the dominant account? Would I be able to use the same programs on the active account safely while the other account is using them (InDesign, Distiller, Safari)?

Will it affect the speed of the script at all? A small speed hit would be okay, but would worry if being in the background account would significantly slow it down.

I don’t have the ability just yet to test this on my end (I don’t have admin privileges to set up a second acount) at the moment, and wondered if anyone had experience with doing this. It would be nice to be able to process the files on a different account in the background while I continued to work, instead of needing a dedicated computer to run them.

The only thing i know 100% that will be affected is the GUI scripting. This is because the GUI Applescript will be written to pretty much click on a certain button on the open most window. If you have clicked elsewhere then the script wont be set for the correct GUI and therefore not work.

Apart from that, i couldn’t tell you about the others.