Will display cell (AS)

I have just made a BIG upgrade from OS 10.3.9 to Snow Leopard and am moving a fairly large AppleScript program I wrote in the old AS Studio to the new computer. There were not many glitches until I decided to add a new “will display cell” handler to one of the app’s table views. I figured out how to connect the object to the event handler in Interface Builder, but when I attempt to populate the table dynamically, I get the following error: “The «class tabC» parameter is missing for «event daVSwiDC». (-1701).” Yes, the table view is nested in a tab view, which looks like what’s causing the problem, but I can’t figure out how to solve it. Suggestions are welcome.

I realize at some point I should rewrite this app in ObjC, but it’s been running daily since 2003, is effectively bug-free, and would be a heck of a lot of work to rewrite.

You might do better to post in the ASStudio forum next door.

OK, thanks. I’ll move over there.