Window Properties

How do you tell a window to be on top of other windows. Like in applescript studio you did this:

tell window “mainwin”
set floating to true
end tell

Also how do you set a window’s alpha value? In ASStudio you would do this

set alpha value of window win_1 to 50

Furthermore how would you set a windows title using script?

Check out the setLevel_ method.

You don’t; you set the alpha of it’s content view, usually in IB.

Use setTitle_.

setTitleWithRepresentedFilename_ might also interest you, make sure it’s coerced as a POSIX file.

Well in ASStudio I was able to change the alpha value of windows to make them fade or to just change it for user preference using the exact line I used above.

And nobody bothered to search? XD me neither!

NSWindow… :open_mouth: never would have guessed.

How would your write that if the window is:
property mainwin : missing value

mainwin’s setAlphaValue_(0.7) --good example