Windows fmb share... Auto login...

I want to automate a process that I do every day. Every day I turn on my machine and connect to a windows file share. I goto the finder, select go, the select connect to server. Then I type in smb:// and hit connect. It comes up with the login box and asks for the user name and password. I type it in and I am connected. The share then shows up on my desktop.

Windows computers can map a drive and then automatically connect to it every time you turn the machine on. My mac can not? I have called apple and they say no.

What do you guys think? Can I script this?

I know this works with AFP connections, but have never tried it with SMB.

Connect to the volume and when the dialog box comes up asking for your username and password click the save to keychain checkbox. Now open up system preferences> accounts and drag the volume to your login items… now when you login in that should automatically mount.

LIke I said that should work. it DOES with AFP. If not though making a Applescript that mounts the volume isn’t a big deal… then just put the script into your login items.


James has it covered with what he says.also
Some code like this should get you connected:

mount volume "smb://username:password@ name"

Thanks guys, that worked beautifully!