Wondering if this is possible, or if it already exists.

I need something that can convert a batch of image files .jpg, into folders. If that is not possible, can they be copied as a folder? When I say folder I mean a regular system folder used in finder.
I’m trying to streamline the a system of file managing. To do so I would like to not have to manually create and name 50 plus folders for every batch of images.

Joshua Barnatt
Barnatt Brothers Productions

Give a clear example in the form:
files named 001.jpg-300.jpg renamed and moved to folder … etc.
We need more info!

I am wondering if it can be written. I can’t write script. I can see how the language works when I look at it in the editor, but I don’t know enough about it. Would it be possible to re-write a duplicate .jpeg as script.


I still can’t work out what it is that you want to do. You need to be precise in describing your problem and what you want to achieve with the script.


Ok, I’m sorry about not being clear. I have batches of jpeg files. We have a process of managing them that involves putting them all into there own folder. So, each single image would be moved into a single folder, with the respective name of the file it contains. Afterward other files are added to that fold in addition to the original jpeg image.

So, just to be clear.
:Orig JPEG000:
:Orig JPEG001:

Orig JPEG001-convert-> Folder:–(containing- Orig JPEG001)
Orig JPEG000 -convert-> Folder:–(containing- Orig JPEG000)
Repeat or done as a batch

Another way, which I think to be simpler:

Orig JPEG000: --convert to-> [Folder named Orig JPEG000]

Manually creating folders then naming them individually takes up a lot of time.

Thanks for the help guys.


Save this as an application; Drop your selected files on the script, choose the location where the new folders will be created, and each file is moved into a folder with the same name at that location.

on open theFiles
	set DestinationFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose Destination Folder")
	repeat with ThisFile in theFiles
		tell application "Finder"
			set Filename to (name of (info for ThisFile))
			set FoldersName to (Filename) as string
			make new folder at DestinationFolder with properties {name:FoldersName}
			move ThisFile to folder (DestinationFolder & FoldersName as string)
		end tell
	end repeat
end open


That is great! Thanks so much you just saved us a bunch of time. Now we can combine that with our photoshop droplets and cruise.

Thanks again. I very excited.