Word 2011 "save as" error; works at office, not at home

save as active document file name theOutputPath file format format document


	Expected end of line, etc. but found class name.

Compile is hitting this error on the word “document”

This very simple script works on my machine at work running Mountain Lion, but same version of Word which is 14.5.5

theOutputPath is an alias saved as string “Macintosh HD:Users:joe:Desktop:Recipes:Final:NewDoc.docx”

What has changed? Is the dictionary now in conflict with the system?

AppleScript: 2.4
Browser: Safari 602.2.14
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

Check the permissions of the folder “Macintosh HD:Users:joe:Desktop:Recipes:Final:” on your 10.10 machine.
Is it really 10.10 which was updated to 10.10.5 in august 2015 ?

Yvan KOENIG running Sierra 10.12.2 in French (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 23 décembre 2016 17:24:47

Yes, it is at 10.10.5, but the form for the forum autofills 10.10, which I should have pointed out.

Permissions are ok.

Ah. I figured it out. There is nothing wrong with the script.

Somewhere in the depths of my hard drive is a copy of Office X, from goodness knows how long ago. The tells must have been talking to the older app.


Thanks, all!