Word track changes script help

I’m not skilled at programming, but I have a need for an AppleScript for Word 2008, and after trying a bit I’m lost. I’m wondering if I could get some help.

The way I revise my files (on screen, obviously) and have other people look them over (printed out rather than on screen), I use “Tracked Changes.” But it would be very helpful to see the previous round of Tracked Changes even as the current round of changes is being made. And to be able to tell the difference between the two.

What I want is a script that makes all the revised text in a document in a file bold (or better still make only the Tracked Changes in text that I am currently hilighting). I don’t mean displaying it as bold, but actually a change to the text itself) so that after I choose “accept all changes” the text is left bold. Or maybe accepting all changes in the hilighted portion of the text could be part of the script.

I also realized that inserting a “^” or other symbol where tracked changes show text has been removed would also be a good script. (I could always delete the "^"s later with tracked changes turned off.) Maybe that could be its own script, maybe part of a combined script.

I technically have an incomplete script (a few of them), all failures, so I don’t think it would be worth much for me to post it. If you want me to, I could.

I hope this is doable, and I thank in advance any who can show me how to make an appropriate script.

Thank you.