Word X formatting removal

An example of one way to remove bold and italicized text from the active Word document. From the AppleScript Users List.

OS version: OS X

tell application "Microsoft Word"
    do Visual Basic "
        Dim rngWord As Range
        Dim i As Integer
        With ActiveDocument
        With .Range
                    With .Font
                            .Bold = False
                            .Italic = False
                            .Underline = wdUnderlineNone ' and so forth
                    End With
                With .ParagraphFormat
                    .Alignment = wdAlignParagraphLeft ' and more
                End With
        End With
        For Each rngWord In .Words
            With rngWord
                If .Text <> vbTab Then
                                If .Text <> vbNewLine Then
                        rngWord.Font.Bold = True
                                        i = i + 1
                                End If
                            End If
                    End With
                    If i = 2 Then Exit For
        Next rngWord
        End With
end tell