work around 'copy'?

Is there a way (without using an osax) to put something in the clipboard such as text, alias, ?

Do you mean without using Standard Additions too?

Okay, now I’ve my answer (I was meaning no extra OSAX)

Jean-baptiste LE STANG

Be careful.

Generally, manipulating the clipboard in a script is a BAD thing to do.

It is not intuitive to the user - how do you know the user didn’t have some important information on the clipboard that your script has just thrown away?

It’s not reliable - how do you know that what you copied at the beginning of your script is still there at the end - the user could have copied something else in between.

Sure, there are reasons for manupilating the clipboard, but there’s also ways of transferring data between apps via scripting without using the clipboard.

yes I know that, unfortunately I’ve not been able to find an other way to do it. My script copies a piece of text in a file an them the user has to paste it wherever he wants to use it, and I don’t think that it’s possible to do it without the clipboard. :lol: