Workflow applescript: Help! - personalised calendar it in for you!

Okay folks, I have got a bit of a poser here, and need some help.
I love the MAC platform, and as it has never let me down before, I am hoping it won’t this time either.
I am pretty sure that applescript (and the good folks in this forum) are the right combination to get me out of a bit of a fix.

I work for a company making personalised calendars using digital printing presses. We RIP (automatically process) JPGs into a calendar press template by linking a database (csv) file that tells the RIP what images to place where in the template, then the ripped file is sent to the press and printed.

What I need help with is an applescript that will manage moving the resources for these personalised calendars on and off the RIP.
Basically for a job to sucessfully RIP we need 3 things.
(1) A press template;
(2) Images (.JPGs) to be copied into the images folder on the RIP ; and
(3) A database files (.CSV). to be copied into the input folder on the RIP (database file hereafter refered to as a template seed file, as it seeds the template withn informaiton.)

The RIP is, as far as the applescript will be concerned a PC network volume.

We have developed a Filemaker pro management system to manage the batches of calendars and to produce seed files (database files) for the press templates.
Stored in the Filemaker pro management system is the names of all the jpg files for the particular batch of calendars which gets included in the seed file.

We have all the calendar batches arrive on our mac FTP server which is on our internal LAN and is accessible as a network volume.

[b]The applescript would essentially need to copy the resources for a batch of calendars (i.e jpgs and seed file) from the batch folder on the ftp server to the images and the database input folders on the RIP.
I would want to attach the applescript to a folder as a folder action script essentially creating a “hot folder”

The way I see this working is:-
(1) Filemaker would write a csv file (containing jpg image names and the seed file name for the calendar batch) to the hot folder with the folder action scrip attatched to it.

(2) the applescript would search for, and copy all the batch of JPGs containted in the csv from a pre-defined location on the FTP server and copy them loose into the images folder on the RIP

(3) the applescript would (only after the jpgs have been copied to the images folder) then copy the template seed file from a pre-defined location on the FTP server to the input folder on the RIP.[/b]

I hope it is possible to do this, I am very new to applescript and this is way beyond my capabilities. I hope it is even possible to read information from a csv file into applescript???
I will be very greatful for the community to look at this. We will offer a FREE personalised calendar to anyone who can help with a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you’re looking to hire somebody. Since this is a commercial project, maybe you should post it at MacFreelancer?

(Wow, a whole personalized calendar!)


Ouch! nedloh99.

Sorry you feel like that. I do intend to post it to MacFreelancer also, I am just hedging my bets to see if anyone in this community can help.
I did think that the point of a forum is to post problems and hopefully find solutions, and to share those solutions with others who might have similar problems.


Drifting off a bit, but I agree. The point of a forum is to post problems and hopefully find solutions, and to share those solutions with others who might have similar problems. And the core group of folks who do most of the problem solving here are super-generous and patient with their time and skills (both online and off).

If you were to do a search on these forums for things like “write to file” , “read a file”, “copying files” you’d find the answers your looking for, as the problems have already been solved and shared.

Your request reads more like a RFP than a desire to learn from others / contribute to others. (except for that free calendar contribution:)) Maybe I misunderstood completely. I’m sure if you posted the code you need help with, plenty of folks would hop in to answer.