WorldText 1.0 Unicode capable text editor

WorldText 1.0
My personal favorite new feature of the full Mac OS 9.1 install disk is WorldText 1.0, a fully-Unicode capable text editor with a Typography Palette that gives you access to all of the typographic features of ATSUI, the font tools from the old QuickDraw GX. I am pleased to report that WorldText is scriptable. I am not pleased to report that its dictionary is nothing more than the standard dictionary installed by the development environment that was used to create WorldText. You can do generic things like getting the name of the first window, but you can’t do much else with WorldText using AppleScript. If you make use of WorldText, be sure to install the new Unicode-ready version of Key Caps and the keyboards in the Unicode folder of CD Extras on the installation CD. 2/11/01