would this be possible with Applescript

I want a script that copies file from my own desktop to a remote mac and installs that app in a newly created folder.

Is that possible?
what do I use to connect to other macs ?

Can’t find really good help on this via google or macscripter and before starting t build the script I want to know if it’s possible.


In general you just mount the hard drive from the networked computer and do a normal copy to a folder on the mounted drive. Search for “mount drive” to find examples. The “open location” command can also mount drives.

mount volume "afp:// Drive 1"
mount volume "smb:// Drive 1"
mount volume " Drive 1"

Those are three different ways to mount networked drives. Well one way but three different protocols.

set networked_volume to "/Volumes/Mac Drive 1"
set targetFolder to "/Users/aaon/Desktop"

tell application "Finder"
	move every file of folder networked_volume to folder targetFolder
end tell

Then you could do something like the above to move said files.


It is of no use to consider problems up front really, but it is ok to know about what can happen!
It depends a little on the app, if the app is an app, that is intended to be installed in the /Applications folder, then it May happen that the sticky bit are set b[/b], which means that it will refuse to copy all its files over, it would have done this also if the app was first dragged from the /Applications folder to the desktop. -Thought I just mention it. The safe way to handle such a situation would be to use do shell script with administrator privileges.

Inside the do shell script, you could use something like ditto or rsync.

This free chapter: Problems with OS X Files: Open, Copy, Delete, and Beyond from the book Mac 0S X Disaster Relief: Troubleshooting Techniques to Help Fix It Yourself is in IMHO the best readup ever and can be found here.