Wrapping a FileMaker app inside an OS X app package

I am working on a FileMaker app which I would like to “wrap” inside a OS X application “package”

As you probably know, with FileMaker apps the resulting app consists of two files: the runtime executable and the database file itself…

What I would like to do is tuck the executable and the DB file inside the application package (what you see when you ctrl-click on an app and choose ‘view package contents’) so that everything can be distributed as one file.

I know this must be possible…

Anyone know how?

I think a:

set path_to_me to the POSIX path of (path to me as string)
set path to_FM_app to “Contents/Resources/Your_FM.app”
do shell script ("open -a " & the quoted form of (path_to_me & path to_FM_app))

or something like that (the paths may be a little off from path_to_me - you may need to remove the last folder - the parent application.app).