Write date to a file


I am trying to save data from a textView using Shane Stanley’s showSavePane: from Myriad Helper 20.2. The code works when using appleScript’s choose file name, however, it doesn’t open the dropdown sheet when I put the following code:

Property parent : class “NSObject”
property theWindow : missing value
property textView : missing value

 on showSavePanel:sender
      set thePanel to current application's NSSavePanel's makeSaveAt:(path to desktop folder) |types|:{"txt"} |name|:"Some output" prompt:"Save Some Information Text:" title:"My Save Title"
      set theText to textView's textStorage()'s |string|() as text ## this is in NSUTF8StringEncoding: format
      set fileManager to current application's NSFileManager's defaultManager()

        if (fileManager's fileExistsAtPath:thePanel) as boolean = false then
	     set theResult to fileManager's createFileAtPath:thePanel |contents|:theText attributes:(missing value)
      end if

       thePanel's showOver:theWindow calling:{"saveSheetDone:", me}
end showSavePanel:

on saveSheetDone:theResult -- called when panel closed
    if theResult = missing value then
        -- cancel button
        log "Cancel pressed"
        log theResult -- path to file
    end if
end saveSheetDone:

Could I get some assistance to get the above working. Just a note here, I have not been doing any ASOC scripting for over two years so I have forgotten quite a bit.


You’re using thePanel as if it’s a path. You need to get a path. You’re also writing the file incorrectly. Try something like this:

set theText to textView's textStorage()'s |string|()
set thePath to thePanel's |URL|()'s |path|()

if (fileManager's fileExistsAtPath:thePanel) as boolean = false then
	theText's writeToFile:thePath atomically:true encoding:(current application's NSUTF8StringEncoding) |error|:(missing value)
end if

Thank you Shane this works.