write in an application text field that does't have a dictionary?

Dear Scripters:
I would like to know how is it possible to fill a text field inside an application that does’t have dictionary. That to say, I can, for example, click the menu item doing:

tell application "FeedMe"
end tell
tell application "System Events"
	tell process "FeedMe"
		click the menu item "New Item" of the menu "Feed" of menu bar 1
	end tell
end tell

But, I don’t know how is it possible to write a text in the text fields of my application!
Anyone knows how does it work?
Thanks in advance!


As far as I know, if an app does not have a dictionary for AppleScript then it isn’t scriptable. I don’t know if you can use Java or some other
language or not however.


Thank you, Jacques! it works, but I need also to put a title at the right field of this application. Any idea? Thank you!

Great, Jacques! it works! Now I can edit automatically my RSS channals! Thank you!

Jacques, only one thing: do you know to do the same thing but in Safari? That’s to say: write in a text field? for example, you enter in “www.Yahoo.es” and you introduce your login. Thanks!

Perfect, Jacques! It works! Thank you! Tell me: do you know more things about web controling? for example, click on active link? Thanks once again!

really a big thank to you, Jacques for your time! As always, your script works! I just don’t undesrtand how a las safari script does work but it works! How can you localize the element you want to click? where is the trick?
Thank you!