X10 with applescript

Is it possible for applescript to control lights with an x10 interface like this:

Maybe…can It control this software:


Model: MacBookPro
AppleScript: 2.3
Browser: Firefox 3.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Your best bet is to get X-tension, which is a separate program, but it is scriptable and it is based around AppleScript internaly for control.

It’s been around since the OS 7 days, and I’ve used it on-and-off for years (haven’t tried the OS X version, it kicks around on an old Performa just fine). You’ll still need a controller of some sort to get the signals to the powerline (tips on the site on how to do that), or a wireless transmitter (tips on how to get those working from the Mac too).

Great developer and forums too. I need to get back to my own project, which was using speach input to control the house a la “Star Trek.” I got as far as:

ME: “Computer. Give me the status of all the lights upstairs.”

ME: “Computer. I’m leaving.”
Mac: “Shutting down the house for you Kevin.” (whereby it would catch any lights I left on, etc.)

And all those features were keyed to AppleScripts.

Great! Thanks!

Will it work with this?

I couldn’t find what interfaces would work with it…

Also, can anyone post some applescript code on how to control this software?