Xcode 1.1 Pulled?

Apparently the recent update for Xcode 1.1 has been pulled. It is showing up at the download sites as available via SU (software update). I checked at 17:15 central time U.S.A. and it was not available in the SU control panel. I also checked ADC’s free membership page, and it’s not there either. I’ve seen no reports explaining it’s absence.

We’ll try to keep you posted…

The Xcode Users mailing list is reporting that the Xcode 1.1 update was pulled due to a Server-Side glitch. Apple is working on the problem and the update will re-appear in due course.

Did anyone get it before the glitch? Can anyone point to a technote about what’s new in 1.1?


I didn’t get it ;¬( Here’s the generic blurb…

“The Xcode 1.1 Update provides overall stability and performance enhancements to Xcode IDE, as well as improvements to debugging, workflow, the Xcode build system and CodeSense. It is recommended that all Xcode users install this update.”

The word from Apple employees on the Xcode update is…

“For those that have already installed the 1.1 update, you are fine.” (Scott Tooker)

“When available, the 1.1 update should install over 1.0, 1.0.1, or any interim seed.” (Scott Tooker)

“The manual downloads from ADC’s http://connect.apple.com Download servers will appear tomorrow. They were released today, but it takes about 24 hours to stage the files to all the servers and ready them for access.” (Godfrey DiGiorgi)

See MacCentral forums for a list of enhancements…

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The Xcode 1.1 update is available at ADC ,14:10 pm (Expect delays, I’m sure the server will be very busy)

It’s back, check Software Update…

According to the ReadMe file for Xcode Tools 1.1, at ADC (not the update), the Interface Builder app is at version 2.4.1. The Xcode 1.1 update still shows IB at version 2.4. I’m downloading the entire Xcode Tools package from ADC now, it’s 589 MB in (21) 29.3 MB segments. I’ll report the findings later.

Also, Apple reports that the Xcode Tools 1.1 CD will be available on order from http://connect.apple.com after the turn of the year. CDs are presently entering the production process.

IB is at version 2.4.1 if you install the Xcode Tools from the ADC images.

Interface Builder 2.4.1 Release Notes:


Interface Builder acknowledges CVS and .svn version control directories by default

Version control directories created inside nib packages by some source control programs
are persist when Interface Builder writes out new nibs. A list of titles of directories can be
set in the preferences using the VersionControlDirectory, CVS and .svn
(created by Subversion) are the default.

Interface Builder removes dangling menu items when opening a nib

Some menus were getting written out with extra menu items that were not connected to a
menu Interface Builder now removes those menu items during the verification check when
opening a nib.

Cocoa Specific

Text Archiving can now be selected from the Save Panel

When saving a Cocoa nib for the first time, the Save panel gives you the option to choose text
archiving when you save it using 10.2 or later nib archiving.

Adding an action to a class causes the Actions tab in the inspector to open

When you add an action or an outlet to a class in the Classes Tab of the Document window,
the Attributes Inspector panel opens and displays the relevant tab.

Nice catch, Greg. Installing the minimal update from SU resulted in IB 2.4 for me as well. Downloading the full installer (I had better luck using the server in Japan) rev’ed IB to 2.4.1. It also provides a lot more options via the “Customize” button in Installer.


From the Xcode mailing list…

Cc: XCode-Users xcode-users@lists.apple.com
From: Godfrey DiGiorgi ramarren@apple.com
Subject: Re: Is Xcode 1.1 update the same as Xcode 1.1 install
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 12:11:29 -0800
To: Dave Rehring drehring@atimi.com


The Xcode Update 1.1 delivered by software update is designed to update
only the Xcode IDE and required components. It is a proper subset of
the Xcode Tools 1.1 disk image. The full disk image updates many other
components as well (including Interface Builder as you note); please
read the Read Me - Xcode Tools 1.1 file provided for details.

There’s simply much more to the Xcode Tools 1.1 release than can be
delivered via a software update mechanism. If you want to keep your
entire development environment updated to the latest version of
everything, you will need to download the full disk image installer
packages manually. The software update for the IDE is meant to be a
convenience for those who for whom the other components are lower
priority or who might be working in a location away from broadband
download capability, in order that they can get the latest Xcode IDE
capabilities easily and quickly.


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