Xcode 11 Upgrade and something broke

Everything in my project still works but now when I try adding a new blue box object and linking it as a class it doesn’t behave like others I have done in the past. Either I have forgotten some critical step or something in the recent upgrade has broken.

I created a AppFile.applescript file with a script object inside named the same.
I created a blue box assigned to that as the class.
I can make the blue box the delegate for a window, but can’t connect an object to it…
Right-click drag from it does nothing.

In case it is relevant, the code in the new script/class file doesn’t format correctly. All old scripts seem to have different coloring but still behave normally.

Basically, I am trying to add a new window into the MainMenu.xib and have it send commands to a new script/class.

Any hints as to what step I might be missing?

I worked around this by deleting my new .applescript file, duplicating an old one, renaming and adding it to the project and then modifying the code. Now seems to be correct.

Super weird stuff.