Xcode 13.0 received actions

I want to change an existing ApplescriptObjC project in Xcode but when I try to add a new push button the method has now changed. Originally you connected a button to a handler by control-click-and-drag from the button to the App Delegate, let the mouse button up, then click next to the handler that appeared. Now no handlers are displayed and the existing Received Actions have a warning stating that ‘the action is not defined on AppDelegate’. I have searched but cannot find any guidance on this so please any help would br gratefully received. Running Xcode 13.0 with macOS 11.6 on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)


A bug of Xcode 13… :confused:


Thanks for the confirmation, I was surprised that there were not more posts about this, surely there must be more than two Applescripters left in the world!
Do you know what is the safest Xcode version to go back to?

The previous version 12.5.1 is very good.

There are other bugs in the version 13. This version 13 is lamentable! :frowning:



I think there is a possibility…

In the MainMenu.xib, select First Responder and in the Attributes inspector, add the action.
From the object (a button for example), in the Connections inspector, control-drag on First Responder (not on App Delegate) and choose the desired action.

Hmm… this bug is getting really annoying.
Since macOS 12.3, Xcode 12.5.1 is also no longer working.

Any other working work-arounds known here?

Also, please register this bug. I can see in the feedback assistant that there are only 10 similar cases. So unlikely it’s being picked up at the moment.

Well, they finally seemed to have fixed this:

Resolved in Xcode 14 Beta 3
Fixed an issue with outlet and action connections to AppleScript-based AppDelegates. (83373726) (FB9643535)