Xcode 3.1.2, documentation and Terminology Browser

I’m a relative newbie to Applescript Studio and Xcode, so sorry if the answers to this are blindingly obvious…

First, I’m using Xcode 3.1.2 but the latest documentation I can find for AppleScript Studio (AppleScript Studio Programming Guide - StudioBuildingApps.pdf) is dated 2006-04-4. It’s clear that the version of Xcode to which it refers is similar but not identical to Xcode 3.1.2. Where can I find anything newer?

Second, the one thing I can’t seem to find anywhere in Xcode is an equivalent to the Open Dictionary command that the Guide mentions on page 50:

There’s no Open Dictionary command in the File menu of my version of Xcode. I’ve found the AppleScriptKit.sdef in the Resources section, but this only seems to list core scripting capabilities, with nothing about the scripting capabilities of specific apps like Safari or Excel. I’ve looked around the Documentation browser but can’t find anything useful on the subject.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Here is the link to the most recent applescript studio terminology guide:

You can download a PDF from that location, also.

As for opening application dictionaries: If there is a way to do it in Xcode, I am unaware of it. However, you can find the “Open Dictionary” command from the Script Editor application. This application is located in Applications/Applescript. Under its file menu, you will find the “Open Dictionary” command.

I hope this helps.