XCODE 3.1 and old Studio projects

My last use of AppleScript Studio was on June 11, 2008 … at that time I had XCODE 3.0 … not one hiccup on or before then.

 Leopard, 10.5.4 on a iMacG4 PPC

I have gone into other directions (Cocoa) in the past 3 months or so … and am coming back to Studio.

Now, I have XCODE 3.1 which works very nicely with Cocoa (disregarding the very steep learning curve for Objective-C and Cocoa).

But … double-clicking on my 3-month old Studio xcodeproj yeilds the spinning beach ball.

Okay, I create a new AppleScript project with XCODE 3.1 … and it opens fine.

Then, I open up the original AppleScript file in Script Editor, copy it, and try to paste it into the .applescript file of the fresh AppleScript project.

Once again, the spinning beach ball.

Next, I try to paste just a little of the Script Editor code … a little at a time because my .applescript is very long … and the spinning beach ball still happens.


John Love

Finally successfully opened the 3.0 project with 3.1.

FWIW, I cannot empirically prove the following; nevertheless:

  1. a very long length issue for the .applescript file IN 3.1, at least one I do not recall seeing with 3.0
  2. the option-return continuation character under 3.0 seems to present problems with 3.1

Again, can’t prove the above …

One more thing … the Applescript editor built into XCODE sometimes squeezes together characters separated by a space … the space is still there, but on the monitor, the blank appears gone.

John Love

I can confirm this one. It’s a real pain! :mad: Every time I save changes it happens. The only solution is to resize the window a little and it redraws itself and thus gets fixed. I see a few other oddities too. I never use the continuation character so that’s one I haven’t seen.

It seems Apple is so focussed on new iphone developers that they’ve relegated us to the back burner.

I returned to XCode 3.0 and have confirmed that my AppleScript Studio is now okay … but XCode 3.0 messes up my Cocoa App (which was initially developed using 3.1).

Apparently, then, one must make a choice at the beginning - ridiculous.

John Love

Please check out this link that I just this second found:


… and I just confirmed what this link stipulates … nothing to do with length:

end script

on – crash after the space following “on”

John Love

I can confirm this one too.

As a very small “workaround” I assigned the Word Wrap toggle to a hotkey … quickly hitting it twice also fixes the display issue.