Xcode 5.0.2 and 10.6


I would like to know if is possible, using latest Xcode 5.0.2 and Asoc to generate app that will run in 10.6.8

When i compile for profiling I receive 2 alert:

  1. Use current Width for Max Layout Width on Mac OS X versions prior to 10.8
    I solved this disabling the checkbox “Use first layout Width As Max” in IB related to text field object.

  2. Internationalization …MainMenu.xib is not available when compiling for target before Mac OS x 10.8.
    I Don’t know how to solve it.

Even adding a User-Defined Setting from the Add Build Setting menu with GCC_ENABLE_OBJC_GC seems not possible under Xcode 5.0.2

Where I’m wrong?



Click on MainMenu.xib and show the File Inspector. You will see under Localization that Base is checked. uncheck it, and in the dialog that appears, choose to move it to English or another localisation (but no Trash). Best to create a snapshot first, in case something goes wrong.

You need to add it manually: Editor → Add Build Setting → Add User-Defined Setting.

Hi Shane,

Done. For some strange reason I was unable to add it on one of my Mac.

Now I receive only alert related to Garbage Collector is deprecated (but I think I can ignore it)

The result app is 64 bit (looking Activity Monitor). I din’t change anything in compiler (as described in your book) because xCode 5.x use LLVM 5.0

I added only deployment to 10.6 and GCC_ENABLE_OBJC_CG Required.

I miss something else?


You can ignore the deprecated warning, but be aware that support for making apps with garbage collection will disappear soon.