Xcode 5.1: Read this first

Xcode 5.1 has been released. The good news is that it now recognises action methods that use interleaved syntax. But before you rush out and update, be aware that you can’t build apps that use garbage collection in it.

So if you need to support or build apps that you want to run under systems earlier than 10.8, you need to stick to Xcode 5.0.2 or earlier.

You can also have multiple versions of Xcode installed: just rename them. If you got it from the App Store, be aware that the one named simply ‘Xcode’ is the one that will get upgraded.

If you have 5.0.2, and you’re getting the prompt to upgrade, you might want to duplicate it first.

Thanks for the tip Shane.
I almost updated my iPad last night to 7.1 without reading around first. Good thing something stopped the download. I discovered a new issue with Ad Hoc distribution that I needed to work around. Always check the forums for issues before updating :wink: