Xcode 5 and Asoc


Anybody have news about the new Xcode and Asoc? There are changes?


I don’t believe there are any ASObjC-related changes in Xcode 5.

So we still need to enable Garbage Collection in a project?
Any speculation as to what will happen when GC goes away? Or will it stick around because of legacy projects/frameworks for, say, 5 more years?

You only need to enable GC if you want your app to work on versions before 10.8. You should use ARC if you only need to support 10.8 or later.

How long GC will be supported is an interesting question. I believe some of the new stuff being introduced in Mavericks won’t support it, although if anyone intends to use that, prima facie they’re supporting post-10.8 only, so don’t need to use GC.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it completely discontinued in the major release after Mavericks. But I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue on as a bit of a lottery, where some frameworks are fine but others not. Trying to guess what’s going to happen at Apple is a risky business.

I guess the best news is that conversion is essentially just a re-compile.

Thanks Shane, this is the info I was looking for.