Xcode 5 and building compiling ApplescriptObjC application for release

Hi All

I’ve been noodling around with an ApplescriptObJC project for the last couple of weeks and have got it working as well as it probably ever will … I’d like to build a “release” version that I can privately distribute, but when I examine the contents of the “archive” it seems to me that it looks much the same as the “debug” version, including a full readable copy of AppDelegate.applescript and a second readable copy with the .scpt extension.

Is this what I should expect or have I stuffed up the build process? For a distribution release build I was expecting that the Applescript contents would be compiled/encrypted, but it seems to be there for all and sundry to take a look at? The code is nothing special … clunky as hell … even more reason to wish was private!

Collective insight and experience would be much appreciated.


Go to your target’s Build Settings and search for OSACompile build options. Change the setting for Save as Execute-Only to yes.

Thank you Shane … and thanks for your writing “AppleScriptObjC Explored” too, my little applet would never have made it this far without you!


I have the same issue but when I change Execute-Only to yes I can no longer build. What am I missing?


That sounds more like coincidence. Turn it off and try again.

Figured it out, thank you.