Xcode 8 : Applescript Compile Problem

Im building an app in Xcode 8 in ApplescriptObjc I started it on my work Mac (OS El Captain). I need to use a different Mac at work to Finish it. The other Mac is OS Maverick, but has Xcode 8

The App will Compile and run on my mac, but I try and run it on the other it fails.
I get an --Expected"," but found end of line –

I can’t seem to figure it out, the only difference between the two is the OS and the Applescript version El Captain has 2.5 Maverick is using 2.9. I though that Xcode help Applescript Inside and didn’t matter the external version thats why I though using the same Xcode would help, now Im thinking differently.

Is this the case and how can i fix it, or is it something else Im not seeing. Any help is GREATLY Appreciated

That sounds like a compile error. Try compiling the actual script in Script Editor on the other Mac, to see where the problem is.

I was hoping not to have to do that (at this point), but its the only thing I hadn’t tried yet.
Still hoping for an easier answer :wink:

Hopefully if I build it on Maverick and get it to run and build the app, that it will run on Mojave (office is on a slow process of upgrading). I don’'t think it should be.
thanks! :slight_smile: