Xcode crashes when opening a project


I surely made a terrible mistake somewhere, but Xcode crashes when it tries to open a project.

This is an ASOC project in which I attempted to modify the localization. I was writing the whole interface in french, when I noticed that the localization was for english, so I tried to add a french localization, and Xcode created another folder “en.lproj” but there was no nib in it. Now it looks for this missing file, mark the existing one in red and. crashes.

Every separate file is OK, only the project wrapper seems corrupted. What can I do? Create an empty ASOC project and re-import my files, one to one?

Does someone already encountered such a situation?

Any help welcome.

No Time Machine backup? No snapshots? No version control? If not, you are living dangerously. I fear a new project may turn out the quickest solution.


I tried everything. Time Machine is really a weird thing. You remember the Norton Utility “Recover Deleted Files”? It always recovered a lot of old garbage but never the precious file you had just deleted. Time Machine, in this case, is the same.

Even more weird: I end up with a recovered project which works when opened from Xcode, but not from the Finder.

I don’t like the new design of Xcode which buries everything into its bundle. I don’t like to open bundles content, it is risky.

I suppose I’ll do things the old way: make backup copies myself on an external support. Just imagine what could happen if I did this on iCloud.

Well, I had renamed the folder containing my projects, so it was a path problem. I thought that all the paths were relative to the project itself, but obviously something got wrong elsewhere. The code was ok, except a path name.

Sorry for the noise about nothing.