Xcode is converting bundled app to classic??

Ok, so due to a limitation in Xcode’s handling of applescript, I had to bundle another applescript application made in script editor inside my application bundle as a helper app. While I still can’t seem to find a way to actually launch an applescript application from inside another applescript, I have another issue. I looked in the built bundle and found my script.app had been converted to classic by Xcode! Now first of all, why would Xcode do this, and second of all how can I prevent this short of manually replacing the app with an original after the build process?

You’re funny. Yesterday you were declaring that spaces were the “bane” of the do shell script command and today you’re declaring xcode has limitations. Maybe you should just post your questions without these grandiose statements. As you saw yesterday many times there’s simple solutions to problems.

You don’t actually tell us anything about your project, what the helper.app does, how you compiled it etc… so how can we advise you what is happening?

tell application “Finder” to open file “path:to:the:application”

In general your writing style makes it sound like you’re very angry and don’t have much patience. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s the impression I’m getting. Take a breath!