XCode Location

Ok, I’ve had XCode for a while, but recently I moved it from it’s regular folder to my apps folder. I don’t know what folder this was, I just had always used finder to search it when I wanted to use it. All of the sudden, when I run it it doesnt work… Is this because I moved it? If so, does anyone know where to put it back to? I really don’t want to reinstall it (VERY LONG installation!) :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the answerers!

Xcode is installed in the folder ‘Developer’ on the root of your harddrive. The application Xcode itself is installed in /Developer/Applications/.

The moving can affect projects and application because it can’t find it’s sdk’s and other resources that is needed or compile the application.

Thank you so much man! That fixed it :slight_smile: I never would’ve thought they all had their own different folder… Lol, ok, now I just dragged it to my dock to make it more accessible and it’s good.