Xcode Questions

Hi All,
My apologies if this is a little off-topic, but I’ve got a couple of Xcode questions. I’m still using version 3 on snow leopard. I’m finally going to upgrade to Lion, and I’m wondering if I can still use Xcode 3 or if I have to upgrade to Xcode 4. Also, if Xcode 3 will run fine on Lion, can I also install Xcode 4 so that I can gradually transition over to the newer version while still working with what I’m used to? Thanks.

You need to have Xcode 3 installed before you do the update to Lion, and somewhere other than the default directory. Then you install Xcode 4.x in the default directory, after the upgrade.

There are no guarantees – Xcode 3 is unsupported on Lion. But it seems like many people are doing it.