Xcode: Show a custom view over full screen?

Hey everyone,

I have a quick question:

How do i show a view over full screen apps, like growl does?
i would like to make a notification visible even when you are in a full screen application, yes i could use growl (or mist) but i would like to be able to tweak it more than just a icon, title and the message it self.


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Have a look at NSWindow’s setLevel: method.

I don’t think you have to do anything special – if you make your new window or panel visible with orderFront or makeKeyAndOrderFront, it will be on top.


@Shane i will look into this tonight
@Ric when the user does something in the fullscreen app, the view won’t go away?


It didn’t go away, the user can interact with the main window. I used a panel as my second window (It has the utility panel style). The only change I made to the standard panel was to uncheck the “Release When CLosed” box so you can recall it with another button click if you close it.