XML-RPC & get the dictionnary of an osax

i sit possible using the XML-RPC interface of www.osaxen.com to get all the commands of an osax?


I don’t see a way to do it but I’ve contacted Martin Fenner to find out for sure. :slight_smile:


you can use the XML-RPC findCommand method to find all commands of a given osax. The following code in Applescript returns all commands from the XML Tools package:

tell application "http://www.osaxen.com/xmlrpc.php" to return call xmlrpc {method name:"osaxen.findCommand", parameters:"xml_tools"}

  • Martin

Thanks it’s working on almost every osax, but on some of them I get an error (-916) which i cannot explain

Can you provide a couple of osax names which fail?

Yes appearance, applescript, acme_script_widgets, hex
(i did not have time to test all osax…)

I can confirm failure on the osax listed above and I can’t determine the pattern. Hopefully Martin has a secret snippet of code to share. :wink:

I will look into my XML-RPC code to find out what’s going on here.

  • Martin

Thanks a lot :lol: