XML Suite and AppleScript Studio? Is it really there?

I am looking to parse XML Files and ran across the fact that AppleScript Studio now has “XML Suite”. (from Apple’s web site)

I have looked for docs on this and cannot find out what it is and what it includes. Searching the AS Studio docs i get XML-RPC results.

Can anyone tell me if Xcode 2.2.1 has an XML parser built in so i do not have to worry about using a 3rd party solution that I have to move from machine to machine when i move the applescript studio application? Please include links if any to help me figure out how to use it.



Go into Script Editor, select Open Dictionary, choose System Events, and scroll down to “XML Suite.”

As for docs, it is mentioned in “Applescript the Definitive Guide” from O’Reilly, but only on one page, and only to give a couple of examples and to mention that the system is still pretty crude (p. 397 of the 2006 “tiger” edition).


Example: Applescript RSS and Speech?

Near the end of that thread, I have a script that parses an RSS file using System Events’ XML Suite.

OMG Thx!!! I was wondering why the only example i found used “xml element 1 of xml element 1 of …”

Now, to see if i can get it to work on my xml file!

Will report back this afternoon!



Bruce! You are a GOD! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

It does work and I have adapted it for myself…Thanks!