XMLRPC truncates strings sent to Movable Type API

I’m using AppleScript’s XML-RPC libraries to post blog entries to my Drupal blog using the Movable Type APIs.

The script works fine for the most part, but I’m getting stuck when I set categories. I need to send an array of strings corresponding to the category IDs, but the application seems to only be receiving the first character of each string. As a result, setting a category of “219” instead sets the category to “2”.

If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it. Here’s the relevant code:

property: blogUser: private
property: blogPass: private

my blogSetCategories("135,{"219","1"})

on blogSetCategories(blogPostID, blogCategoryIDArray)
	tell application "http://inik.net/xmlrpc.php"
		return call xmlrpc {method name:"mt.setPostCategories", parameters:{blogPostID, blogUser, blogPass, blogCategoryIDArray}}
	end tell
end blogSetCategories

I tried doing the same thing using Ecto, and it worked fine, and the XML it fed along looks like I espected it to (with a 219 in there and everything). Not sure if there’s some way I can audit the XMLRPC request coming out of AppleScript.

Did you already solved this problem. When not I can maybe help you cause I develop my own xml-rpc servers and it seems that your XML-RPC server or your method is causing this problem.