Xpath and variable string with and operator/selector character in it

Trying to use xPath that I build from a 3 string variables.
It all works great until It reaches this string:

“/NML/COLLECTION//ENTRY/LOCATION[@VOLUME="Tekno"][@DIR="/:Users/:kerry/:Music/:iTunes/:iTunes Media/:Music/:Lyrics Born Feat. E-40 & Casual/:Nu Funk Vol.2 (Disc 2) - A Selection of Rare Electro Tunes with a Funk Flavour/:"][@FILE="Callin’ Out [Remix].mp3"]/./…”

Initially I thought it was the [ ] in the string but online I found that if there are included in the
"@attribute = [______] " then it’s OK.

so it’s either the single quote after Callin’
or it’s the &

I initially tried using Bridge Plus’s XML string convertor but that didn’t work

Should I try using an NSString vs a AS String?