yellow exclamation point in interface builder

what does it mean when there is a little yellow exclamation point on your mainmenu & window sections of the Instances page of your mainmenu.nib file?

Nothing… don’t worry about it.

Although interface builder has strong support for applescript studio, some of it’s features are built around it’s cocoa roots. Unfortunately because IB does not distiguish what kind of project the nib will eventually go into (i.e. ASS or cocoa) it has no good way to determine if it should be showing cocoa warnings or not. If you were to connect all of the elements of your window to cocoa methods, that little alert icon would go away. Because IB keeps track of applescript connections differently than cocoa ones, IB can’t tell that there really are connections there. Notice that when you initially create a window, it has no warnings, but as soon as you start editing the window and adding applescript connections to objects, it starts telling you some crap about it’s children.

The errors will not effect your app or it’s functionality… it’s just warning you that connections don’t look right, or are unused.


Jobu is right.

If you find the exclamation point unnecessary, you can disable them by un-checking “Display connection warning icons” in Interface Bulider’s preferences.