yet another "search via spotlight" question

I’ve got a string in AppleScript that I’d like to search via Spotlight.

In other words, my searchString = “ OR” and I’d like to get the Spotlight result list to pop open as if I pasted SearchString into my Spotlight entryfield and chose “Show All”.

I’ve combed through a lot of posts here, and don’t think I want to go the mdfind route, if I don’t have to. Also, using AppleScript on the Finder may give me different results, just like typing that string into the Finder search box will bring up DOCUMENTS containing those email address, but not Email Messages with those email addresses.

(I’ve noticed that the Finder won’t search kind:Email like main Spotlight will)

Thank you for any guidance here!

I think the reason scripters grind through do shell script "mdfind -onlyin etc.etc. is because there is no other handle to Spotlight except programs like Houdahspot (and it’s not scriptable).