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Email OSAX

I heavily used the old mail.osax with many applications. Now that I'm moving up to Mac OS 10.15, I see the code no longer compiles...Looking for a simple alternative to use to send email with attachments, without using a mail client. The OSAX used my company's SMTP server. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!



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Re: Email OSAX

Since no osax exists anymore, I once found a open source code for a small unix program called mailsend.

I had downloaded it and compiled it on Mac with Apple's Xcode.
It can be used in Applescript using the "do shell script" command.

Since there doesn't seem to be a way to attach files in this forum,
I would be willing to email the executable to you, if you message me privately.

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Re: Email OSAX

Today, we can use mailcore2.framework to prepare eml files and send messages with AppleScript.

I wrote some AppleScript to read eml files.

I wrote thousands of AppleScript to realize my idea. Natural language interface, voice recognition commander and so on. Though my mother toungue is strange language, Japanese, my most frequently write language is AppleScript. I believe it is for making things easy and powerful.



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