Applescript broken in Jaguar


When I try to run the following script in my computer I get an error:

tell application "Safari"
	set myname to name of window 1
	display dialog myname as string
end tell

I get told that the variable myname is undefined.

Moreover, If I run the following one

tell application "Safari"
	set myURL to URL of document 1
	display dialog myURL as string
end tell

I have no problem whatsoever.

This happens in my computer, but not in my wife’s, both running Jaguar. Her computer has almost no extra software installed; whereas mine has tons. Thus I know there is probably a conflict :cry:. I do not know if the problem is specific to Safari (I suspect it isn’t).

Can anybody tell me if they have encoutered this symptom and if so have they been able to fix the problem?



Both scripts run fine on my machine.
What versions of AppleScript are running on your machines?

Mac OS X 10.2.4
Script Editor 2.0 (v20) (beta version)
System Events 1.2
Safari 1.0 (v60) (beta version)

Are different languages installed on the two computers?

The same as in your machine

No they both are running in English

Do you have a space between my and name in the set line?

tell application "Safari" 
    set my   name to name of window 1 
    display dialog myname as string 
 end tell

That would give that error.