click link on webpage

I would like to click a link on a webpage that is labeled “Listen!”
It opens a real player. I have been able to write a script to open a webpage according to the date which opens the correct realplayer link.
There is only one problem, There are sometimes reruns and the date doesn’t work in that case.
A foolproof way would be to click the link on the webpage, I guess, however I have no idea how to approach this problem.
Here is my previous script.

set monthdate to month of (current date) as integer
if monthdate is less than 10 then
	set monthdate to "0" & monthdate
	set monthdate to monthdate as text
end if
set yeardate to year of (current date) as integer
set yeardate to yeardate as Unicode text
set yeardate to character 3 of yeardate & character 4 of yeardate
set daydate to day of (current date) as integer
if daydate is less than 10 then
	set daydate to "0" & daydate
	set daydate to daydate as text
end if
set datestring to yeardate & "" & monthdate & "" & daydate as Unicode text
tell application "Safari" to open location "" & datestring & "a.rm" as Unicode text


this searches the site for the string in the property link_text
and displays a dialog for choosing and opening one of the both links.
It uses Safari’s javascript capabilities.

property site_url : ""
property link_text : "Listen!"

tell application "Safari"
	open location site_url
	-- wait until page loaded
	if my page_loaded(20) is false then return
	-- get number of links
	set found_links to my find_link(link_text)
	if found_links is false then -- link text not found
		display dialog "Link \"" & link_text & "\" not found."
		set L to button returned of (display dialog "open links" buttons {"Cancel", "Link #1", "Link #2"})
		if L is "Link #1" then
			open location item 1 of found_links
			open location item 2 of found_links
		end if
	end if
end tell

on find_link(link)
	tell application "Safari" to set num_links to (do JavaScript "document.links.length" in document 1)
	-- find the link
	set c to num_links - 1
	set this_link to ""
	set f to {}
	repeat with i from 0 to c
		tell application "Safari" to set this_link to do JavaScript "document.links[" & i & "].text" in document 1
		if this_link is link then
			tell application "Safari" to set end of f to do JavaScript "document.links[" & i & "].href" in document 1
		end if
	end repeat
	if f is {} then set f to false
	return f
end find_link

on page_loaded(timeout_value)
	delay 2
	repeat with i from 1 to the timeout_value
		tell application "Safari"
			if (do JavaScript "document.readyState" in document 1) is "complete" then
				return true
			else if i is the timeout_value then
				return false
				delay 1
			end if
		end tell
	end repeat
	return false
end page_loaded

Thank you. The script is awesome!