Creating a movie with several JPEG and ....

Hi I would like to create a Quicktime movie opening and pasting different JPEG images one after the other,

The Images should go one after the other, or I should be abpe to choose which image comes next

all images are 768X576 some reside in different folders. While adding them I hope to change it singular picture duration, can this be possible?

any suggestion for a true newcomer?

I can’t figure out how to assing a dureation to movies based on pictures. Is there a way to make them as long as needed?

Thanks in advance

Hi danwan,

Automator already offers a built-in action named ‘New QuickTime Slideshow’, which you could use to easily create your own custom workflow. Apple also offers a tutorial about how to create a QuickTime Slideshow from scratch on your Mac:

Moreover Apple Hong Kong has a neat iPhoto script, that creates a audio slideshow utilizing QuickTime:

Unfortunately none of these methods will allow you to set an individual duration for certain images :frowning:

Maybe you should consider iMovie? This will allow you to control the duration time (plus, you have the Ken Burns effect :smiley: )

Thank you, but I am not trying to achieve a slide show. My original Images need to be segments of a film. For this I have tried a nice app called Photo to Movie however given the large amount of files the process is extremely long and the application crashes. What I need is a lenght not longer than 12 fps but usually less. I was hoping after looking at the Quicktime AS database there was a way to select a photograph (they are maniputlated in different ways through Photoshop) add it to a film and assign it a duration in frames.
However I am too unskilled to achieve this result.
This is my current process:

I open my file workFilmfile which contains the result of severa cut and paste I have done manually so far. In the manual process of course each JPEG is only one frame

I use this simplest script I can open a jpg picture
property TimeOffset : 0
tell application “QuickTime Player”
choose file with prompt “Choose movie file:”
open result
select all document 1
copy document 1
close document 1
end tell

Then I paste to workFilmfile which is always open (document 1)

This following script tells me the number of frames and the cursor position

tell application “QuickTime Player”
tell document 1 to set {currentTime, timeScale, theDuration, FrameCount} to {1, time scale, duration, count (frames of track “Video track”)}
end tell

I wanted to add a statement taking the cursor at the end of this film and asking me if I want to paste again or not with a dialogue and an if statement so if I wanted to paste 12, or 10 or 4 times (examples) I would do this automatically and always at the end of the sequence.

but I don’t know how to write it and I always get errors,

As I am new to Apple Script muuy scripts are basically taken from this forum and after trial and test some work and I combine them some dont … unfortunately

however Danke Shoen for your help

Hi danwan,

I am sorry for misunderstanding your initial request. I have not so much experience in scripting QuickTime, but after having a quick look at its fine AppleScript dictionary I would suggest the following general approach for your project:

  1. Use QuickTime’s command to automatically convert your single images into individual QuickTime movies using AppleScript. The command lets you specify the frames per second as well as the seconds per frame.

  2. Combine all generated QuickTime movies into one movie file with QuickTime’s command. As far as I understand the AppleScript dictionary, you have to open the desired QuickTime movie segment, then copy it to the clipboard and close it. Then you can add the copied movie content from the clipboard to the (end of the) main movie.

Well, at least that would be my idea :smiley: But maybe I misunderstood you once again :wink: