Exporting FLV from Quicktime

So I want to use AppleScript to export a Quicktime movie into the FLV format using the FLV component that is installed with Flash. Here’s the code I’m using (infile is a variable that holds the path to the starting file, newOutPath is a variable for the output path).

with timeout of (60 * 60) seconds
	tell application "QuickTime Player"
		delay 1
		open infile
		delay 1
		export movie 1 to file newOutPath as "FLV1" using most recent settings replacing yes
	end tell
end timeout

I acquired the the four character component code of FLV1 by using FiendishThngs as instructed in a Apple Mailing List discussion, but when I run the script, the command just seems to be ignored. The event log doesn’t show any errors, it just executes the command, nothing happens and it moves on to the end tell. If I replace FLV1 with any of the other codes produced by FiendishThngs, it works perfectly. If I put in garbage (like GGGG) as the code, it behaves the same way it does with FLV1.

This leads me to believe that FLV1 is not a valid component code, but does anyone have any ideas for finding the correct one? Any other methods of exporting FLV I should know about? I did look into the On2 export component. It works, but it’s expensive and serves the same function as the Adobe/Macromedia component I already have.

I’ve tried this same thing with no luck I can only hope that this is corrected in leopard ??