Getting Scrollbar position of Safari window

Is there any way to get the scrollbar position of a Safari window? Want to press Space until the end of the HTML document is reached and print a screenshot of every document part.
Thanks for any hints!
Regards, Lars

PS: Scrolling and screenshotting is really needed as I need to make screenshots. Don’t want to print document at once (e.g. as PDF, PNG, …).

Scripting Safari (Websites) is done using javascript.

tell application "Safari"
	tell document 1
		do JavaScript "scrollTo(0,99999999999);"
	end tell
end tell

If you want to make a picture of the whole site… try FireFox… there are plugins for that

Great, I am using this code to scroll page wise:

--get document and browser height
		set documentHeight to (do JavaScript "document.height" in document 1)
		set windowHeight to (do JavaScript "window.innerHeight" in document 1)
		--calculate number of pages to screenshot
		set pageCount to documentHeight div windowHeight
		if documentHeight mod windowHeight > 0 then set pageCount to pageCount + 1
		--screenshot every page
		do JavaScript "window.scrollTo(0, 0)" in document 1
		repeat with i from 1 to pageCount
			-- take screenshot here

			--scroll to next page
			do JavaScript "window.scrollBy(0, " & windowHeight & ")" in document 1
			delay 0.1
		end repeat