How do I get at Finders Localizable Strings easily?


The context is that I want to bypass System Events to do localization for me. -It is rather sluggish.
I have taken a trip into /System/Library/CoreSevices/ and found the two files Localizable.strings and LocalizableCore.strings.

The format of those strings are like this: “AX19” = “action”;. Is there any tool that take for instance the key “AX19” and a fully qualified filename to the desired file, and then returns it’s value, or any other more (or less) “AppleScriptish” way to accomplish this, I will use Strings from Finder only.

Solved ASLG via Spotlight! it turns out that AppleScript has a command: Localized String where you can specify the strings file.

The next question is however: Is there a uniform way to classify the country codes for instance en_us into the group English? Or is there some other way to attain the name of an “lproj. file” for a language code. If your language code is en_us, is there then spelled out “English” in some property?

Edit: Never Mind it turned out that Yvan Koenigs Script object takes care of it all. :wink: All there is to be done is to actually open the files and pick the strings you need!.