Insert a MP3 from the web in a window in ASS


I’d like to insert a MP3 file from the web into a window in my application AppleScriptStudio.

Do you know how can i do this ???


Insert? Do you drop?

I use a shell script to get the adress of the MP3. Then i open the URL in safari. I’d like to be able to play the MP3 directly from a window of my app.
Without to have to use a webView.

For example :
in a list TableView the user choose : “Zak et Mika” then :

if the podcasts_MOUV_selected is "Zak et Mika" then
	set podcasts_MOUV_URL to do shell script "curl | grep enclosure | cut -c 17-96"
end if
if podcasts_MOUV_URL is "" then
	display dialog "There's nothing in the podcast you choose"
	tell application "QuickTime Player"
		getURL podcasts_MOUV_URL
	end tell
end if

I’d like to play the MP3 from the app. Not from an other app like QT.