Mac OS 10.6 & Acrobat 10 ~ Save/Print PostScript with Shrink to Print

I need help figuring out how to save or print a postscript file using Acrobat 10 on Mac OS 10.6. Previously I would print with the “Acrobat PDF” print driver - using the “Shrink to Fit” option - and using the “Save in File” option in the print dialog box to put a postscript file on the desktop. That no longer works. The Acrobat PDF print driver does not give me any option to choose the location to save the file. It acts like it’s printing the file but a search of my computer reveals that no file is being created. Navigating to the OS Print dialog and using the PDF Menu results in a dialog telling me to use Acrobat’s “Save PDF” menu under the “File” menu which would be fine if there was a “Shrink to Fit” option.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to either save as PDF or PostScript with Shrink to Fit or to find the file printed by the Acrobat PDF print driver?