Multipage PDF to JPEGs via ImageEvents or iMagine

I have a pretty nifty solution for converting multipage PDFs to JPEGs via QuickTime export to Image Sequence. I have been using it for about 2 years for our web based approval system so clients can view JPEGs instead of download a big PDFs (like 20megs or larger).

Unfortunately Export to Image Sequence is broken in QT 7 for PDFs and therefore no one at our shop can upgrade to Tiger (10.4) or any Intel Macs.

Does anyone have another solution that works with Tiger? I have found that I can export individual frames as BMPs (one at a time and then renumber them) and then convert those resulting BMPs to JPEGs, but was curious if others have developed a solution via ImageEvents or iMagine.

Automator has a nice PDF to imges convrter but it only with a dpi setting and no way I know of to hook that into an applescript (which is required by my solution.)

Thanks in advance.

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just tested this and works bloody great.
tested on a seven page PDF, converted to 7 jpegs all numbered.

Use Graphicconvertor.

Do this in this Order.
Go to Menus:

file-> Convert & Modify

Select under the FUNCTION dropdown:
Convert (its at the top)

Select Destination Format:
Jpeg/Jiff (not 2000)

In the left Panel, Navigate to and Select your pdf file/s

In the right Panel Navigate to and Select a Destination

Hit the Go button at the top.

Things to note:

Under the Options button is where you set the Quality.

The reason I suggest you stick to the menu and selection Order is if you deviate you MUST re-select your files,
before hitting GO.

Good Luck

***EDIT just found this thread

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried Graphic Converter and it works well. However I should have mentioned that I need to specify the output size, scaling up or scaling down a PDF so I I have a size something like 1000 pixels wide, and then small thumnails images also). Plus also I have to export extra copies of the first frame at a difference sizes. However, from the looks of I don’t really see this being an option in Graphic Converter’s Covert & Multiply.

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Did you look at the other thread.

You can use applescript.

You make a Batch file in GC with the Options you want.
open the Convert & modify , click the Edit Batch Button.
Select the parts you want for a Action file and save it.

Example add
Convert ( select Jpeg/jiff)
Scale ( set the size you want output)

Because you are using applescript You can get it to run with different sizes from different Action files in the same script.

Just make the destination of each batch run different.


Thanks for all your feedback. I apparently didn’t look at the other thread carefully.

However, I have found the solution inside of QT7 Player. Apparently to enable PDF continual rasterization the transparency for the track needs to be set to composition. I just stumpled upon this, couldn’t find any docs for it.

Thanks again for the help.

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Here is some sample code if anyone would like it:

set new_size to 1500

tell application "QuickTime Player"
	set scale of movie 1 to normal
	copy the natural dimensions of movie 1 to {movie_width, movie_height}
	--- check aspect ration, if greater than 1, it is horz, less than 1 vert
	set aspect_ratio to movie_width / movie_height
	if aspect_ratio > 1 then set new_width to new_size
	if aspect_ratio > 1 then set new_height to new_size / aspect_ratio
	-- notice you need to divide if a horz, multiply if a verticle 
	if aspect_ratio < 1 then set new_height to new_size
	if aspect_ratio < 1 then set new_width to new_size * aspect_ratio
	set the dimensions of movie 1 to {new_width, new_height}
	set transfer mode of track "Video Track" of movie 1 to composition
	-- set high quality of track "Video Track" of movie 1 to true
	set the target_folder to choose file name with prompt "save your exports here"
	export movie 1 to target_folder as image sequence	
end tell