Need help looping a sequence of movies

I need help looping a sequence of movies.

I’ve found how to play a sequence a quicktime movies with applescript. And I’ve found how to loop an individual movie.
What I can’t seem to find on the net is how to play, then, then movie3.move AND THEN go back to and play the whole sequence again and again. I appreciate anyone’s assistance.

Create a playlist and loop with two repeats

set PlayList to {"movie1", "movie2", "movie3"}
	repeat with PlayThis in PlayList
		--Do your script using PlayThis
		--This loops forever
		--so command period in script to finish
	end repeat
end repeat

Please post your whole script when finished

Thanks, but I guess I’m too much of an applescript novice to understand how to incorporate that.

I did find a SMIL script that is supposed to do something similar:

My problem remains the same: the <<repeatCount=“indefinite”>> portion of this script doesn’t loop for me. QuickTime plays the sequence, stops at the end of the last movie ( and falls out of the fullscreen mode, then stops.:frowning:

Again any help would be appreciated.

Post your working AppleScript for one or many and I’m change it for you.

This is what I currently have for the applescript

tell application "QuickTime Player"
	open "Macintosh"
	open "Macintosh"
	open "Macintosh"
end tell

These open in their own windows - so in addition to the looping of the sequence, I would like the sequence to play in the same window.

Thanks for your help.

Apple says to do this for a sequence of movies, but I can’t get it to work

    tell display 1 to enter full screen
    tell movie 1 to play
    tell movie 2 to play
    tell movie 3 to play
    tell display 1 to exit full screen

have you followed these threads?

This loop should help you:

repeat while ((playing is true) or (current time < duration))
end repeat