QT movie screenshot to jpeg???

i wanted to make a droplet, where i can dump a large group of video files (mostly .mov and .avi) and it would automatically go to a random frame in each video file, and save as jpeg (or any image format).

key points:
it needs to work with multiple files.
it needs to save the jpeg and name the file same as the source video file. (for example…screengrab from Testing01.mov should be named Testing01.jpg)

anyone have any idea on how to do this…or is there an aplet floating arround that will do this for me?
preferrably it should work on leopard…but tiger is fine too

ok…so i got this far…but alas it does not work as planned.
instead of the random time interval for each video file, I am instead telling each video file to go to the frame at 900 seconds (or 15 minutes) which i think is “poster frame time”.

any help?

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
	repeat with anitem in added_items
		tell application "QuickTime Player"
			open anitem
			set front document's poster frame time to 900
			export front document as picture using most recent settings
			close front document
		end tell
	end repeat
end adding folder items to